This Sunday in Worship: Raising the Bar: A Disciple Serves!

I am so busy and I just don’t have time to attend a bible study, a community meal, or a
mission and service opportunity. There is always next year when things settle down in my life!

Does this sound familiar? We live in a hurting world and we so want God’s kingdom to be fully
realized among us. Yet, as in Jesus’ ministry, we find that religious people often only appear to
be religious and do not live the life of servant leadership Jesus lived. Why is serving others
important? Why is serving those different from us important? Why was it important to Jesus and
what does it do?

Let’s have some open and honest conversation about the need to serve. Come
and see!

9:30a.m. Traditional Worship, Sanctaury
11:35a.m. Modern Worship, Ministry Center

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