This Sunday in Worship: Raising the Bar

A faithful disciple lives in communication with our closest partner who loves
us – God. We participate in this relationship through prayer. We also practice disciplines to help
us grow in that relationship – bible study, reading of scripture.What is prayer? Why pray? Why study? Why follow all of these rules or “methods?” What does it do in my life? I keep praying for the things I want and God has yet to give them to
me! Am I doing something wrong? Or, have I misunderstood what prayer is? Jesus gives us a
wonderful example of prayer that serves as a model for each of us. But, the Lords’ Prayer is
also a wonderful blueprint of the Christian life, not just only about prayer. Let’s have some open
and honest conversation about the necessity of discipline in our lives and the changes it brings.
Come and see!

9:30a.m. – Traditional Worship-Sanctuary
11:35a.m. – Modern Worship-Ministry Center

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