Urgent Help for Wilkinson Center Food Pantry Needed!

During the month of July, RPUMC is a Food Partner, meaning we are the main source of food donations that come into their food pantry. Last Sunday was our first collection and with so many out of pocket, due to the holiday, it was slim. When delivering the food to the pantry this week, we learned that North Texas Food Bank also took a break and therefore, no food was delivered to the food pantry.

Upon the loss of our dear friend, Vickie Thompson, Sherry Lundswick received this email from Bob Munro, the volunteer coordinator for the Wilkinson Center– “Vickie Thompson was a best friend to our Wilkinson Center community with her good works and tireless giving spirit. Vickie was always there to lend a helping hand with any of our projects.  I worked with her recently as she was actively involved with all aspects of our May GED Graduation ceremony hosted by your church.  At the graduation ceremony she told me that this was her favorite event and she loved seeing the GED classes graduate and on to a better future. Vickie touched so many people allowing them to see a better future ahead.”

One way we can honor Vickie and keep her spirit alive is to help the food pantry by giving as much as we can this week to fill their shelves. Please consider putting some extra groceries in your cart this month to help out the Wilkinson Food Pantry. They are in desperate need of canned meats, canned fruits and canned vegetables (no green beans or corn please) peanut butter and jelly and kid-friendly foods.

The food carts will be in the hallway to collect your donations. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Sherry Lundswick at 214-534-8062.

As always, that you for your constant help in our ministries to the needy.

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