G.A.P Food Assistance Program with Crossroads Community Services

We had our first food distribution to 14 families last weekend. It went pretty well for our first time and getting a chance to meet and visit with the families was truly a wonderful experience. Eleven of these families are African and some were not familiar with the foods they received. Most of these families have never had electricity, indoor plumbing and hardly ever ate anything from a can. We even had a short lesson in the kitchen to show them how to use a microwave. So, it is a learning process on both sides. There is more of a need than what we originally thought! The next distribution date is August 11th; pick-up at 3:00, sorting at 3:30 and distribution 6:30.  If you would like to be involved in this ministry, please contact Sherry Lundswick, 214-534-8062.

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