This Week in Worship: Religiously Transmitted Diseases

New Year — New Sermon Series!  
Younger generations are disconnecting from the Christian Church in alarming numbers. Many view the church as hypocritical and stuck in our old and forgotten ways. To be honest, the Christian Church is suspect to illness and sickness much like any other living organism. Jesus was even critical of illness and disease in the Jewish faith and taught reform. John Wesley was
also critical of the illness and disease of the Anglican Church and taught reform.

Let’s have some open and honest conversation about diseases that threaten our church.  Find out if you, someone you know, or even a church you know has the symptoms of Pharisaitis, Affluenza, Spiritual Amnesia, or even Perfectionitis. Don’t worry, all is not lost. Come and let’s experience the cure together.

Join us Sunday for part 1 of this series:  Pharasitus.  Let’s look beyond rules and see what the rules point toward God.

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