This Week in Worship January 29: Religiously Transmitted Diseases-Perfectionitis

We are not perfect, although we often pretend that we are. We want the world to see
that we have things together and we are just fine! Guess what? The world beyond these
walls sees through that! We are not perfect because that would be saying and believing that
we are in control of being a perfect person. What does it mean to be a perfect Christian?
According to our Wesleyan tradition, it means that we are fully consumed with love for God
and love for neighbor. Let’s look beyond the illness of perfectionitis (appearing that we have
it all together and not asking for help) and let God’s grace reframe what “perfect” means in
our lives and move us towards that glimpse of Christian perfection. It means that we become
a little more like Christ in our lives instead of holding on to ourselves. It means letting go and
letting God’s miraculous healing cure of grace bring healing to our broken lives.

Join us Sunday for Part 4, our final week of this sermon series.  
9:30a.m. Sanctuary
11:35a.m. Ministry Center

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