New Bible Study with Pastor Bill begins January 18th

Are We There Yet?
Perhaps you have heard or even said this statement before. You have traveled a long and tiring journey and then someone around you says, “Are we there yet?”  In our journey of faith, we are no different. We often grow weary of the journey. We look to biblical maps and try to find where we are. Sometimes we feel as though we are lost on the long journey. When will it end? What will it be like when we arrive? Is the end near? We will begin a journey together in January of 2017 in which we will look at these specific questions. In our Christian culture, the book of Revelation has caused lots of fear and anxiety. Is it something to really fear? It seems to depict doom and gloom. Is this true or can we find hope and encouragement in Revelation? Why is it the last book in our Bible? Is it possible that I have read the understood the wrong things about Revelation? Come and let’s have some open and honest conversation about Revelation and learn to experience Revelation in the spirit of the early Christian church. Come and see!
Wednesdays, January 18 – May 17, 6:30-7:20pm.  

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