This Sunday in Worship: Christmas Under Wraps – Grace

What was it like to walk in Mary’s shoes? Certainly the community in which Mary
lived must have struggled with Mary and Joseph having a child out of wedlock. Let’s not miss
the wonderful beauty of this scripture because we think we know this scripture too well. In
her praise of God, in a chaotic and tumultuous time of life where she was undoubtedly being
ridiculed by others, Mary admits that God has blessed this “lowly servant” and has brought
about goodness in her life – working through her weakness to lead her to strength – Grace!
God gives us the gift of Grace! We must fully receive and live into God’s gift of grace, then re-gift God’s gift of grace.

See you Sunday as we celebrate the 3rd Sunday of Advent.  9:30-Sanctuary, 11:35-Ministry Center

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