This Week in Worship: Thankfully Being (ONE SERVICE 9:30)

Paul challenges the Christian community in Philippi to be thankful and live thankfulness. Paul encourages us to be a “human being,” not just a “human doing.” When Paul wrote this, he was perhaps being held in a prison cell. What did he have to be thankful
for? What are the deep and dark dungeons in our lives? What are the valleys of shadow and death? How can we be thankful when so much tends to go wrong? The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us, yet we just don’t feel in the mood to be thankful. Of course, we will take the all-you-can-eat feast that will be prepared. What about those who have no feast? What about those who have nothing to eat? Has the “peace that surpasses all understanding” of Jesus Christ left our hearts so soon?

See you Sunday in the place where we’re always THANKFUL to see you!

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