This Week in Worship: All In! Serve Ridgewood Park!

John 21: 13-17

This scripture from the Gospel of John is much different chronologically than the same story in Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Here, Jesus turns over the temple tables near the beginning of his multi-year ministry. Jesus had become upset that the temple was serving
the needs of those in positions of power and authority instead of the poor and humble in their community. We are challenged by this today as many churches have become self-serving and have become museums and shrines rather than missions of outreach. Let’s dream great dreams for Ridgewood Park! How are we in ministry to those who are shut-in? Living in the Village? Living in Assisted Living? Living in Poverty?  We are here to serve our community.

See you Sunday-9:30 Sanctuary, 11:35 MinistryCenter

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