Scouts Need You!

In our continued efforts to support and be in ministry to Dan D. Rogers Elementary School, we would like to invite you to become an adult leader in our Boy Scout program. Recently, our Scouting Program at Ridgewood Park Church signed up 25 new scouts from Dan D. Rogers. This is wonderful and exciting news!  Our scouting program is a very diverse program that engages students from a diversity of backgrounds, cultures, and economic status. As a missional program, it also engages students who find themselves living in poverty situations with a shortage of adequate role models. We need you! They need you! Come and help make our Scouting Program a truly transformative experience in the Ridgewood Park Community. Volunteering is easy and the work our adult leaders do is so much fun! You can volunteer by contacting our Cubmaster Ed Yost at, Scoutmaster Hal Marshall at, or Pastor Bill at

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