Introducing Eagle Power Packs Program!

Ridgewood Park UMC has partnered with Dan D. Rogers Elementary School to help provide healthy, nutritious meals to students during the weekends. Students in this program will receive a small bag of non-perishable foods such a peanut butter, crackers, fruit cups, cereal, etc. It is our hope that this program will promote healthy eating habits in these students, which in turn improves behavior and student achievement.

In this pilot program, our goal is to provide the food needed each week for about 25 children. We will collect and sort the food weekly and take them to the school on Thursdays. The ‘packs’ will be distributed to the students on Fridays before dismissal.

There are several ways that you can help with the program: sponsor a child; sponsor a particular food(s); donate monetarily to help fund this Ministry.

Having enough to eat is something many of us take for granted. But there are kids right in our own neighborhood who are hungry on the weekends.  We need your help to ensure students at Dan D. Rogers Elementary have food and nourishment when away from school.

If you would like to help with this important ministry, please let Sherry or Lisa know. More information will be available on Sunday.

Sherry Lundswick – 214-534-8062
Lisa Schieber – 214-205-8405



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