Compassion: A Journey Through The Lenten Season

compassionThis Lenten season we invite you to join hands in compassion and walk through Lent with special worship services, a new sermon series, and a variety of activites that you and your family can take part in to help bring us together in a focused effort toward Easter Sunday.

We start the season with a little bit of fun, and some great food (that probably isn’t all that great for you) at Burger House on Fat Tuesday, Febraury 12. On this evening, join us anytime between5p.m. and 8p.m. at the Burger House on Mockingbird Lane and the restaurant will donate a portion of all of the evenings proceeds to our youth group. This money will help us send over twenty junior high students on our junior high mission trip, as well as help us rebuild and renovate three different homes on our senior high mission trip in June.

The next evening we will gather in the Ministry Center at 7p.m. to celebrate Ash Wednesday. During this service we are reminded of our humanity through several different stations that will invite you and your family into a hands-on activity, the reading of scripture and a time of prayer. We will then join together to remind ourselves of the preciousness of the time we have here on earth by placing ashes on our foreheads.

Throughout the Lenten season, we will join as a congregation in various ways to fast from things


in each of our lives, setting aside the money we would normally have spent and donating that money to a worthy cause. We challenge our adults to consider giving up lunch one to two times a week (Wednesday and/or Friday) and saving the money you would have spent on lunch during the six weeks of Lent. Then on Easter Sunday, bring the money you have saved and place it in one of the designated Easter baskets. Together as a congregation our offering will then go toward the Bastrop Fire Recovery. We would also like to challenge our families to work together and give up or fast from something as a family. Be it sodas, be it Oreos (not something the Orr family will be doing), whatever it might be, choose something that your family consumes on a regular basis and take a break from it. In a similar fashion to our adult challenge, save the money you would have spent over the Lenten season, and on Easter Sunday choose a worthy cause to donate it to. Fasting is a spiritual discipline that can be powerful and has strong Biblical connections. This Lent find ways to practice this importantce discipline, individually and with your family.

As we close the Lenten season, we will once again hold a Maundy Thursday service, commemorating the Last Supper on Thursday, March 28 as well as a Good Friday service on Friday, March 29. Look for more information on this and other parts of this exciting journey through the season to come in the March Newsletter.

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